The Weather Makers: The History and Future Impact of Climate Change

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Climate Change

These are sources that helped inform the views in The Weather Makers.

Climate change observations and predictions

Recent research on climate change science from the Hadley Centre, UK. The Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research is part of the UK Met Office. "This report attempts to answer three important questions: Is the climate changing? What has caused the climate to change? And how much do we expect the climate to change in future?"

Climate change observations and predictions (PDF, 1.5MB)

Our ancient greenhouse

By William Ruddiman, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, US. "The anthropogenic era is generally thought to have begun 150 to 200 years ago, when the industrial revolution began producing CO2 and CH4 at rates sufficient to alter their compositions in the atmosphere. A different hypothesis is posed here: anthropogenic emissions of these gases first altered atmospheric concentrations thousands of years ago."

Ancient greenhouse effect (PDF, 392KB)

Tony Blair on climate change

UK PM Blair's remarkable speech on climate change, 14 September 2004. "The problem and let me state it frankly at the outset - is that the challenge is complicated politically by two factors. First, its likely effect will not be felt to its full extent until after the time for the political decisions that need to be taken, has passed . . . But there is no doubt that the time to act is now."

Tony Blair on climate change

Extinction risk from climate change

A letter from Chris D. Thomas to the journal Nature: "We predict, on the basis of mid-range climate-warming scenarios for 2050, that 15 to 37% of species in our sample of regions and taxa will be 'committed to extinction'."

Extinction risk from climate change

Climate change and US security

An abrupt climate change scenario and its implications for United States national security by Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall. "Conflict Scenario Due to Climate Change: 2010: United States 2010: Disagreements with Canada and Mexico over water increase tension; 2012: Flood of refugees to southeast U.S. and Mexico from Caribbean islands."

Climate change and US national security (PDF, 916KB)

Aviation and the global atmosphere

A special report of IPCC working groups 1 and 3, in collaboration with the Scientific Assessment Panel to the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer.

Aviation and the global atmosphere

Beyond Kyoto

By John Browne, Foreign Affairs. Lord Browne is chief executive of BP. "Global warming is real and needs to be addressed now. Rather than bash or mourn the defunct Kyoto Protocol, we should start taking the small steps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions today that can make a big difference down the road."

Beyond the Kyoto Protocol

The role of renewables

The Coming Crisis by Jeremy Leggett, chief executive of solarcentury, an independent solar electric company, and a member of the UK Government's Renewables Advisory Board. "The core question is essentially this: can we progressively replace oil and the other fossil fuels at just the right urgent pace to avoid economic calamity as a result of oil shock, climate shock, or both? Oil provides 40% of world energy and 90% of world transport fuel today."

Renewable power sources

The CSIRO on carbon dioxide levels

News report from Agence France-Presse. "An increase in global greenhouse gas emissions over the past two years, due almost entirely to the burning of fossil fuels, has been reported by Australian researchers."

Carbon dioxide levels rocket

The impact of climate change on insurance

The impact of climate change on insurance against catastrophes by Tony Coleman, presented to The Institute of Actuaries of Australia. "Weather and climate are 'core business' for the insurance industry . . . In the view of the writer, human-induced climate change is now a reality and it must be addressed with appropriate urgency."

The Impact of Climate Change on Insurance (PDF, 512KB)

Dodging the silver bullet

Global Warming: Dodging the Silver Bullet by David Hawkins. A National Resources Defence Council presentation. "The Fundamentals: Global warming is a decades long problem; BUT we can't fix it unless we start now; Delay increases disruption; 'Silver bullets' will not work; Voluntary programs aren't enough."

Dodging the silver bullet (PDF, 972KB) NRDC global warming page

US National Commission on Energy Policy report

Ending the Energy Stalemate: A Bipartisan Strategy to Meet America's Energy Challenges. "This report presents key findings from an intensive, three-year effort to develop consensus recommendations for future U.S. energy policy."

The Commission's report (PDF, 2.3MB) Energy Commission home

The melting icecaps

By John Whitfield, Nature News Service. "Temperatures have changed more in Alaska over the past 30 years than they have anywhere else on Earth: winters have warmed by a startling 2-3ºC, compared with a global average of 1ºC. That's guaranteed to have dramatic effects in an Arctic landscape, where even small temperature changes can make the difference between freezing and melting."

Alaska meltdown
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